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Lose Weight and Keep Weight Off

If you are someone who had bariatric surgery several years ago (gastric band, gastric sleeve, vertical banded gastroplasty or even the gastric bypass) and:

A) did not lose the amount of weight you had wanted to lose or
B) initially lost weight but then regained it, don’t fret… is quite possible we have a solution for you!

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We Are Highly Experienced

The team at Garden State Bariatrics has a great deal of experience with Revisional Bariatric Surgery. “Revisional” Surgery means that the patient has had a previous bariatric surgery which now requires a revision for whatever reason, either because there has been some type of problem or the patient has failed to lose adequate weight. Revisional Surgery can be quite challenging and takes highly developed expertise to safely perform. Expertise we have taken the time to develop.

The purpose of this article is to briefly review the types of procedures that can be done and who would be an appropriate candidate. As mentioned these procedures are quite technically challenging and it would not be possible in this brief article to go into detail on all the procedures. If after reading this you think you might be a candidate you will need to come in for an appointment to discuss your particular situation in detail with our surgeons.

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Are You a Candidate for This Procedure?

In terms of who is a candidate for revisional surgery it is actually the exact same criteria as patients who have never had any surgery. That is you need to have a BMI of greater than 40 (with or without medical problems) or if you have a BMI between 35 and 40 then you must have a medical problem that is obesity related (high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease etc).

Most Common Revision Surgery We See

The most common revision is a patient who had a gastric band any number of years ago (because it was “safer” or “less invasive”) and has not had good results. If you are in that situation, please don’t beat yourself up! The results over time have not been as good as we would have liked for many patients. Today, there are more (and better) options than the band. The band can be revised to the Sleeve, Bypass or Duodenal Switch. Come in to see us and your surgeon will discuss which is best for your particular situation.

A gastric sleeve can be revised to either a gastric bypass or Duodenal Switch. There are advantages and disadvantages to each and our surgeons will, of course, take the time to thoroughly discuss this with you.

Convert Gastric Bypass to a Duodenal Switch – We Can Do It!

Here is what many patients don’t know, even if you had a gastric bypass in the past and have regained weight there are still options for you. We utilize innovative techniques that allow us to convert a previous gastric bypass to a Duodenal Switch! This is a highly challenging surgery to perform. There are not many surgeons who are willing or able to offer this type of surgery but we do. If you have had a previous gastric bypass and your BMI is still greater than 40 this may be an option to consider. Given the technical challenges with this particular surgery you will need a complete work up to determine if you are indeed an appropriate candidate.

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If you are contemplating any type of revisional surgery we will need the records from the original operation. If you can get them prior to your office visit it will help guide us on what type of revisional surgery would be best for you. If you are having trouble getting those records our office staff maybe able to assist you.

Visit our contact page here to quickly fill out your info or give us a call today!

Are You a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?