Happy Patients

Christine Smith

My name is Christine S. Smith.  My surgery was in June of 2009. The surgery I chose was the gastric bypass I went into surgery weighing 278 and now weigh 112.  So I lost 166 lbs in total I feel like all the staff at Garden State Bariatrics and Wellness Center are part of a big team and they are rooting for you and they help you out in any way possible. Both Dr. Bilof and Dr. Yurcisin have the best bedside manner and they have helped to change my life!

Darlene K

Since my surgery in 2011, I have lost 135 pounds.  I went from a size 24 to an 8, thanks to the bypass.  I no longer suffer with sleep apnea!  It was the best thing I ever did.  My only regret is that I didn’t do it when I was 16 years old.

Paul D

I had my surgery a little over a year ago with Dr. Bilof.  My weight is down more than 100 pounds.  I am all around a healthier person.  Dr. Bilof and his staff are great to deal with.  Everyone cares and are quick to assist and answer your questions, problems and concerns.  I highly recommend Garden State Bariatrics.

Kathy S

I never thought I would feel normal again.  But since my gastric sleeve, I am able to walk 3 miles without stopping, my joints feel better, my blood pressure is normal and I no longer use a C-Pap for sleep apnea.  I am enjoying life again.  I do not regret having the surgery, it was a true life saver.  Thank you Dr. Yurcisin and your wonderful staff.

Zach P.

Had the sleeve in August of 2014.  It changed my life and Dr. Yurcisin is great!

Allan W

I had Duodenal Switch on 9-8-14 with Dr. Bilof.  I went from a size 58 to a 38.  This was the best thing I could have done.  I feel great: more energy, smaller clothes, sleep better-everything is better!!! I recommend this to anyone who is overweight.

Michael Kozdron

Dr Bilof and his staff are amazing!  They all helped me thru my journey.  I had the sleeve in December of 2013 and feel great.  I guess the smallest things that I didn’t think mattered do; like not being out of breath after going up stairs, being able to tie my shoes and just going out!  I am actually able to sit in a booth!  Thank you.

Priscilla Corcoran

Dr Bilof performed my surgery in June,2014.  I had the gastric sleeve.  After one week, I had a general feeling of well being.  It is the best thing I ever did for myself.  Wish I had done it sooner!

Mimi K

Dr. Mahaswari referred me to Dr. Yurcisin. I had gastric bypass surgery on December 16th 2013. I am off all diabetes medication! I am just starting the weight loss and am looking forward to doing some travelling.

I am so very pleased with EVERY aspect of this endeavor. Dr. Yurcisin is THE BEST – bedside manner, brilliant surgeon and easy on the eyes. And every person from the office staff was so sweet and knowledegable. Kudos to ALL!

Of course I refer Dr. Yurcisin and the staff – the BEST!

Jackie J

I was referred to Dr. Yurcisin by my doctor. I started my process with Dr Yurcisin May 2013. On December 9th 2013 – I had gastric sleeve surgery. I was 371 at time of surgery and as of my 1st post-op visit with Dr. Yurcisin – down 35 lbs! I am off all medications for cholesterol, hypertension; my legs are not swollen anymore and I am already sleeping better!

My self-confidence is back and I have referred my father to Dr. Yurcisin. You guys work beautifully and everyone is so nice and kind and caring. I love the atmosphere in the office. I will recommend others to come to the office!

Vernon A

I did my own research on Dr. Yurcisin as well as being referred by a friend of mine and patient of Dr. Yurcisin. I had gastric sleeve surgery on December 9th 2013.

I went into surgery at 460 lbs – and one week after my surgery – I have already lost 30 lbs! I am off all my diabetes medication; hypertension medications and my blood pressure is normal. I have new self-confidence and I am enjoying intimacy with my partner again! My cravings to eat – especially when I am stressed – are reduced!

Its only been one week since my gastric sleeve surgery, I’ve lost 30 lbs so far and feel great! This is just the beggining of my new lease on life! I am on the WAY!!!

I recommend you see Dr. Yurcisin!

Grateful S

I was referred to Dr. Yurcisin by one of his patients. I had gastric sleeve surgery on November 13th 2013. I weighed in at 276 lbs when I went to surgery and 3 weeks since surgery I have lost 22 lbs; I’ve lowered my blood pressure medication and I’m off Zestorectic and on Zestril.

I have referred others to Dr. Yurcisin! I could not have made a better decision in my Life – Why did I wait so long? I’m a Senior, now I’m looking forward to enjoying my life with my grandchildren and share in their activities. Life has changed and will continue to change for me. THANK YOU Dr. Y!

Nanette V

I was referred by an existing patient of the office. I had Gastric Bypass surgery on May 29th 2013. I am off all medications; have lost 75 lbs and went from size 22 to size 10 – so Far!

I refer others to the office – and I feel so amazing and self-confident!

Paula S

I found the office through their website and doing my research. Dr. Bilof did my gastric sleeve surgery on July 22nd 2013. I was 257 lbs when I had the surgery – and 4+ montnhs later – I have lost 69 lbs so far! I went from size 20W to size 12. I have referred others to the office.

I can only speak for myself but feel that the gastric sleeve was the right choice for me!

Portia R

My Dr. referred me to the office and I had gastric bypass surgery November 16th 2009. I weighed 288 lbs at the time of surgery. I was a borderline diabetic before surgery; I am and have been – shortly after surgery – off all medications for high cholesterol and no chance of being diabetic!

I am a healthy size 12 and have new confidence and joy when shopping.

First and Foremost – the offices of Millburn NJ is the best doctors office I’ve ever been to – the staff is Phenomenal – the Best!!! I highly recommend them and the surgery!