Our patients asked for a way they could send us information for us to reach out and give the gift of information, support, where the next seminar will b,e or to make an appointment for an initial consultation.  This area is to allow exdisiting patients (or if you are not a patient but would like us to contact someone you feel can benefit – please do!) to email us information we need to make contact with someone that is also struggling with morbid obesity and possible medical issues that they struggle with daily.  We are hear to assist your friends, colleagues and/or loved ones on finding out more abut bariatric surgery and what GSBWC can offer.

Morbid Obesity is a medical diagnosis and treatable. It is NOT cosmetic surgery and is covered by most insurance plans.   It is a staggering statistic that 1% of ALL patients diagnosed with the medical disease of morbid obesity are having bariatric surgery!  Paying it Forward and referring a friend to our office can give somene you know and care for an opportunity to not just ‘treat’ illnesses but CURE them – all with the click, call or email to our office.

ASK US ABOUT OUR FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION -Voucher valued at $350. We will gift to ANY patient (Get as many FREE Vouchers from our office as you want to Pay it Forward!) to give the Gift of Life, Health and a new way of enjoying life – one person at a time!

Please use the form to refer your friend to us. Please do not include any health information. We will do our best to contact your friend within 24 hours.

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