Five Star Party Five Star Patients Five Star Successes

As part of our GSBWC difference and 5-star offering to our patients, we sponsor and throw an Annual Holiday party (Our 7th Annual Patient Holiday event was Monday December 9th 2013 was another Great Party of over 600!). Free to all our patients and their honored guests, it is our way of saying Thank YOU to our patients. It is a privilege to be part of our patient’s life; their journey and their ongoing success.

The evening is designed for fun, celebration and to bring the community together (they love bringing their families and those that have supported them in their community) to enjoy the fruits (low calorie of course) of their commitment to a healthy life and a life open to a new way of being. Whether you are in the process and haven’t had surgery yet; had surgery shortly before the party (yes we have something for you too) or had surgery from 2003 to present, all patients, both North and South, in good standing with the office are Welcome!

Gourmet bariatric food; raffles; dancing; surprises and a professional photographer you receive at the end of the event is just a sampling of the program of events that take place each year at our Patient’s Holiday Event. We are always looking to add new surprises to our Holiday Party; patients confirm for the following year’s party a year in advance! It is a gala not to be missed!

  • 2010 was our first year at the Venetian in Garfield, NJ (after years holding it at the Chanticler in Short Hills, NJ) and over 535 patients and patient guests attended the 2010 event! It was a fun, moving and life affirming night; a time to reflect on the accomplishments of our patients throughout the years and share their success in a fun and radiant way.
  • No cost to the patients, their guests or the select group of affiliated physicians and support people that support our patients; we pull out all the stops. We want our patients to feel our appreciation of THEM for allowing us to do what we do and make a difference in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Patients get their pictures taken by a professional photographer (the line forms quickly!) and that not only receive a professional quality photo of themselves at the end of the event (Thank you Jerry) we also put them on our website so they can print their own pictures for copies…no limit…and again No Charge to any of our patients.
  • Our 2012 Holiday Party was again held at The Venetian in Garfield. We had our own James Buttros – a bypass patient – as our DJ for the night and him and his team did a fabulous time getting us all up and dancing the night away! Our special event for 2012 party was Line Dancing instructor – getting us all in the groove, happily burning a few calaories and lots of laughter and fun for the night! We also had a mini-seminar just for guests of the patients so they got their own one-on-one with Dr Bilof and Dr. Yurcisin!
  • Our 2013 Holiday Party was December 9th 2013 from 6pm-10pm at the Venetian in Garfield,NJ. We had over 600 patients and their honored guests and it was an incredible evening of food, fun, raffles and special events. We had a videographer shooting patient testimonials – stay tuned – new videos will be on our UTube channel and site soon… We had a special event of Patients sharing their journey in front of the ballroom and guests getting to ask their questions/or acknowledge their loved one. As always, our Patient Event is 100% designed for the Patient to Celebrate THEIR Health, Their Journey and take Pride in the work they have done to reclaim their health! Professional photographer again took pics for the patients to get at the end of the evening and gifts and treats for the patients. Once again the Venetian chef and the pastry chef did an incredible bariatric meal – every year patients are sure it is NOT compliant – BUT IT IS! – from the Homemade borth for our new surgery patients to the bariatric dessert – another Hit!
  • OUR 8th Annual 2014 PATIENT HOLIDAY EVENT IS SCHEDULED FOR MONDAY DECEMBER 8TH 2014 AT THE VENETIAN IN GARFIELD. Stay Tuned – Planning is already in process for new special events at the 2014!!!!

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