No Shortcuts Here… Committed People; Committed Action; Life Changing Results

We are always looking for ways to celebrate our patients and their renewed bodies and healthy living. The patients here have proudly agreed to share their before and afters with those looking on so you can also see what is possible. This was not a matter, as Dr. Yurcisin likes to say ‘come in get skinny and the work is done’…these are real people, that struggled with various medical issues, ongoing yo-yo diets and/or a general point of view that they would be in the BEFORE picture of themselves for their lives. THEY changed that, with the tool of bariatric surgery, support and nutritional counseling to alter the course of history for themselves.

One of the challenges we have here at GSBWC is having our patients provide a BEFORE picture to us as they start the process to a new body, new health and new ways of being. Maybe you see yourself in the commentary we hear so often from our patient ‘no pictures of me, I was behind the camera as much as possible’. If you are an existing patient of ours, we would love for you to contact Laurie (see the Contact US on the website) and email her both a clear BEFORE picture of you before the surgery, an after picture and any milestones you would like to share with us.

Remember to also read both the testimonials of our patients and the Century Club Members and their accomplishments. There is a lot to Celebrate here at GSBWC – our patients inspire us daily and also pay it forward by sharing their results; sending in pictures and joining the Century Club.

If you want to know more or attend one of our Free Informational Seminars, led by either Dr. Yurcisin and/or Dr. Bilof, please call or email us to get you started on YOUR journey.

Before and After Photos Of Gastric Surgery Patients

waynekMay 2011 surgery date: was 570 lbs November 30th 2011: now 273 lbs!

Wayne K-View Before & After Photos

jenniferandcarloso_aftersurgery_sq1503dd1Carlos had Bypass surgery in April 2007 and Jennifer had bypass surgery September 2007. Carlos has lost over 300 lbs and Jennifer over 118 lbs. The success is in the happiness you hear from the children ! We are proud that Good Day NY featured the Ortiz' for the success and commitment to their health, their lives and their family.

Jennifer and Carlos O- View Before & After Photos

AnaChapman_AfterI had Bypass surgery in March 2006 - and I am proud to say I have lost and kept off over 140 lbs! Feel great - life is good and was the best decision to get my health back!

Ana C- View Before & After Photos

Ana D. S.- View Before & After Photos


Annette P.- View Before & After Photos

charleneo_aftersurgerI had Bypass surgery in November 2006 and have lost over 116 lbs and it is still off!

Charlene O- View Before & After Photos


Denise- View Before & After Photos

DeniseWIf it weren't for all of you, I would not have become healthy again. Thanks to your loyalty, dedication and compassion as well as your professionalism and support, I am now able to live life abundantly again. to say thank you seems so minimal --but THANKS!

Denise W.- View Before & After Photos

DianeLutakLost over 300 lbs!

Diane L.- View Before & After Photos

GeorgeLawlerI had surgery August 2008 and since Bypass surgery I have lost 148 lbs! and counting...

George L.- View Before & After Photos

Ilene_PearlI had Gastric Bypass Surgery April 2007. I have lost over 200 lbs and feel great!

Ilene P.- View Before & After Photos


John C.- View Before & After Photos


Joseph L.- View Before & After Photos

Linda_DedellaJune 2008 I had gastric band surgery and have lost close to 100 lbs. I can move without pain and feel great.

Linda D.- View Before & After Photos

lissettec_juneHad Bypass surgery in August 2007 and have lost 110 lbs!!!



Lissette C- View Before & After Photos


Maria P- View Before & After Photos

SoldivieriMarty and Grace make losing weight and getting healthy a joint effort! Marty has lost 135 pounds and a now a happy, healthy 185!. Congratulations Marty on being a Century Club Member!!!!

His wife, Grace has successfully lost 75 lbs so far... and is working on her goal of 20 more pounds!

Marty and Grace S- View Before & After Photos

SoldivieriI had Gastric Bypass surgery August 2007. Before: 442 Lbs... AFTER 220lbs - over 222 lbs gone! BiCentinnenial Club!:-)

Mike S.-View Before & After Photos

nicolelI tried many diets and always lost some weight, sometimes even 50 pounds, but I always gained it back. I was 28 years old and my weight was creeping upward. I was unhappy and self-conscious. I workevd in a pharmacy where I saw younger patients (early 20s and 30s) with post-surgery prescriptions from Dr Bilof, and I thought, if this is an option for me, why wait 3 or 5 years or until I get diabetes or heart disease? Do it now! I went to the new patient seminar in November 2006 and saw Dr Bilof about a month later.

I asked a lot of questions, and received clear, honest answers. I never felt pressured about going through with the surgery; he knew I had already wholeheartedly made my decision and discussed the steps to move forward. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr Bilof and had complete trust in his skill.

I had surgery on May 23, 2007 and it was the BEST decision I have ever made. In 10 months, I lost 120 pounds! And I have been maintaining my weight for more than 5 months for the first time in my life. Surgery is only part of the decision to improve your life. You have to be willing to change your lifestyle and commit to efforts beyond surgery. I have completely different eating habits and eat completely different things than I did before surgery.

You have to be disciplined about making smart food choices and knowing how much you can eat, taking vitamins and supplements, getting regular bloodwork and appropriate follow up, and exercising. There are countless ways that my life has improved since my surgery. I am more energetic now and more comfortable moving around and exercising. I can wear anything in my closet and not be nervous about how it looks and whether it fits. I have followed up with Dr Bilof several times throughout the past year. He is still just as concerned about my well being - asking how I am feeling, ensuring there are no problems, and giving advice on diet and exercise. He is not just a surgeon, but an educator and advocate who follows through with you during your transition and beyond. He is accessible and even sends out newsletters addressing different issues. The office keeps you updated on support groups and resources for people who have had WLS. If you are even considering this surgery, I would recommend Dr Bilof in a second. He changed my life, literally saved it, and I am forever grateful.

Nicole L- View Before & After Photos

tombI had surgery in May 2005 and have lost over 210 lbs and have kept it off! I was happy to lend my before and after picture to a billboard in Ocean County so others can find Dr Bilof and see if weight loss surgery is for them!

Tom B-View Before & After Photos

VitoCollucciI have never felt better! This was a great decision to chose Dr. Bilof and get my health back on track! I have started a new business and am loving life!

Vito C.-View Before & After Photos

Walter_LewisI had surgery on 12/17/08. When I first saw Dr. Bilof in feb/March 2008 I weighed in at 417! Day of surgery I was 382 lbs. As of January 2010 - I am 228! I calculate my total weight loss to date of 189 lbs since the day of my initial visit with Dr. Bilof.

I immediately stopped taking blood pressure medication; Actos for borderline blood sugar levels and Crestor for high cholesterol. My hips, knees and legs no longer hurt to walk. I am sure my sleep apnea is gone but I was on my CPAP Machine for so long I have gotten used to it like white noise and habit and still use it - not because I have to!

I have gone from a 56" waist to a 38 and from a 4XL shirt to a Large.

It is all good and happy to be a member of Century Club and proud to be a patient and one of the success stories!

Walter L.-View Before & After Photos