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Did you know that Bariatric Surgery can help 80- 90% of Type II Diabetes patients? That bariatric surgery can reduce or eliminate many other critical illnesses that impede your ability to fully enjoy your life? Commonly referred to as “weight loss surgery“; it is so much more than just a surgery that helps our patients lose weight.


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“Deanna & Gina“


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Myself (Deanna) and my mother (Gina)  have been struggling to lose weight for years. It seemed as though we had tried everything. One day I decided to look into bariatric surgery. I did a few google searches and came across Dr. Bilof and Garden State Bariatrics. After several months of preparation for our surgeries we finally them on December 28th, 2015. I went in first and….

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We Welcome You to Garden State Bariatrics &Wellness Center of New Jersey

Illnesses directly related to morbidly obese patients often cause life-threatening illnesses and diseases. Bariatric surgery is the only surgery that addresses a multitude of illnesses with ‘one’ surgery. To see the benefits and the resolution of various medical conditions, please be sure to visit our section on our website called Understanding Obesity.

If you do not currently suffer any illnesses and yet, have been struggling with your weight for years, bariatric surgery can halt the possible future of several medical conditions that rob you of your health, your vitality and may even shorten your life. Getting ahead of any of the diseases listed in Understanding Obesity here on our own website has been a gift so many of our patients have given to themselves. Our top surgeons Dr. Michael Bilof and  Dr. Basil Yurcisin are focused on helping you change your life inside and out.

Whether you have been struggling with your weight for a relatively short time (5-7 years) or feel like you don’t remember a time when you were NOT focused on your weight; our may be just the tool you have been searching for. Many patients feel that since their surgery, they have reset the clock; stopped needing medications and treatments for diseases since the issues went away after having bariatric surgery in New Jersey.

Re-discovering certain joys in life you have long forgotten or never felt you could allow yourself to believe was possible. Celebrating a healthy body and reclaiming your life, and your future is incredibly inspiring for us and life changing for our patients.

There is a famous quote attributed to Michelangelo, who was asked how he was able to turn such a hard, cold block of marble into such a breathtaking sculpture of David. It has been said that when asked how he created David, Michelangelo replied: ” I simply took away what wasn’t David”.

The GSBWC staff are committed to supporting you to lose the excess weight that causes the medical, psychological and mental conditions that some patients have struggled with most of their lives.

We are honored that weight loss surgery is such an important tool used to assist patients in breaking out of their own marble block. Our procedures gives you the confidence and trust yourself, to say when asked, what finally helped you lose all the excess weight; help with your diabetes and help with infertility; sleep apnea; asthma? You can simply reply: “With bariatric surgery as my chisel, I simply removed what wasn’t me…

Thank you for considering Garden State Bariatrics & Wellness Center. These procedures are proven, sustainable, and life-altering tool to Reclaim the You inside of You!